COOKIES Website Cookie Policy Instructions for use and explanation of cookies, scripts and pixels.

Below is a brief explanation of how cookies are used by the website operator’s

Cookies are text files containing small amounts of information which downloads to your device when you visit a web page. They enable the website to remember your actions and preferences (such as login, language, font size and other display preferences) over a period of time, so that you do not have to enter them again the next time you visit the website or browse from one page to another.

A script is a piece of program code that is used to make websites work properly and interactively. This code is executed on the operator’s server or on your device. Pixels are small, invisible text or images on a web page that are used to monitor website traffic. Various data are stored in pixels in order to do this.

Why do we use cookies?

The company EuroFram s.r.o., Ludová 10 917 00 Trnava, Slovakia, ID number:36 287 415, uses cookies for the purpose of improving the use of websites. We use them for analytical purposes in order to continually improve our website. Cookies, which are collected in order to measure website traffic and create statistics regarding the traffic and behavior of visitors on the website, are assessed in the form of a collective whole, and thus in an anonymous form that does not allow the identification of an individual.

Cookies used by are divided into the following::

Technical or functional cookies allow the Controller’s website to function properly and enable its use. These cookies are used without the need for consent.
Statistics cookies enable the Controller to collect information about how its website is used (through Google Analytics). These cookies are only used with consent.
Marketing / advertising cookies are third party cookies used to create advertising profiles and for similar marketing activities. These cookies are only used with consent.

How to manage cookies:

You can control and/or delete cookies at your discretion - see for details. You can delete all the cookies stored on your computer or other devices and set most browsers to prevent them from being stored. uses these cookies for its website:
All cookies used by the website can be found at by entering the web address

Avoiding the use of cookies on this website:
The Controller has preset its website NOT TO PROCESS cookies unless it is necessary. Data subjects visiting the website have the option at any time of changing their mind about granting or withholding consent to the processing of cookies by clicking on the link located at the footer of the “cookies settings” page. If none of the options is selected by the data subject, the default option “Refuse” will be used. Refusal does not limit the website’s functioning.

Data subjects also have the option to disable the processing of cookies directly in their browser.
Disabling and preventing further use of cookies: A data subject may at any time change the configuration of their browser to restrict, block or delete cookies from this website through any of these links:


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